French Summer Camp 2020

Summer camp is an engaging and exciting way for children to gain exposure to the French language, in a fun environment with their peers. We are offering French immersion camp for beginners to beginner-immediate level of the French language. We welcome students 5-12 years of age. Morning classes will be held from 9 AM–12 PM, Monday–Thursday, June 28-July 1; afternoon classes will be held from 2 PM–5 PM, Monday–Thursday, June 28-July 1. Classes will be held at a covered pavilion at Twin Solo park in south Fort Collins, CO.

Space is limited, so reserve a space now and learn more details on our Eventbrite page!

Why invest in a camp for young children?

The linguistic and cognitive benefits of learning a second language at a younger age are that it is much easier for a younger more flexible brain. In addition to the ease of which your children will be able to master these language skills, they will be paralleled with the continuing education that your children will experience. A Latin-based language skill will enhance problem-solving skills, stronger overall communication skills and of course higher elementary and SAT scores! The lifelong benefits of a second language include an expanded worldview and a better understanding of different cultures. The ability to learn and understand additional languages will give the students an edge in future markets in the global marketplace. These workshops are an amazing opportunity to be fully immersed in the French language and develop skills that will stay with these children for a lifetime!